Is your coffee habit risky or not?

Many people claim they cannot live without coffee, whether it is cold, hot, black or white. Coffee… this luring beverage that is a ‘must’ now in any American diet. But since when are we so obsessed with coffee? And is coffee good or bad for us?

There has been quite some research to the benefits and risks of coffee and the researchers have come up with some answers. read more

UK Coffee Week is Coming

Tasty Coffee, Giving Back

What is UK Coffee Week?

Annually there is the UK Coffee Week, a fundraising campaign all over the country in thousands of coffee shops and restaurants. Of all the donations that are generated during the UK Coffee Week 100% goes to “Project Waterfall”, a project that is focused on getting coffee growing communities clean water facilities. read more

Tassimo T40 is our new best friend

My boyfriend and I always wanted a coffee brewer but one way or the other we never got to purchasing one. Imagine my joy when I got the chance to write a review about the Tassimo T40 coffee machine! The T40 has a modern and fresh design yet the machine takes little space and is easy to use as well. So far so good!

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The New TASSIMO T47 Brewer for single cups review

What present to buy for your/a man who virtually has everything he could think of? Purchase something for him he can give YOU a treat with!

Don’t even think of utensils for Mr. BBQ, nice comfy slippers or anything else that is SO traditional… this year the Father’s Day gift will be the Tassimo T47 brewer with patented technology. That’s how the dad of the household will be the super-duper coffee making hero. You can spoil him today, but the rest of the year he will be your own personal barista making you customised, high quality coffee drinks with just a push of a button. That’s what the Tassimo T47 brewing machine will do for you (and him). read more

The elegant and fast Tassimo Suny (T32)

Beautiful design

You have a small living space? Don’t worry… The Tassimo Suny (Bosch TAS3202GB) loves tiny spaces, it’s designed that way. The machine is popular and don’t be surprised to find one in a toll booth as well.

The Suny has an adjustable cup stand, earlier models did not. So coffee drinkers can now put their favorite cup or mug in, from large to extra small. Bosch takes into account that there are many varieties and various demands and gives everyone what he wants. The machine itself is beautiful and nice to hold. It has an excellent finish so you know you have the best of the best. read more

Tassimo T12 “Vivy” small but great!

When I want to purchase a coffee brewer for single cups I often face a problem: I want a machine that can last for years, has top quality elements for making coffee and is affordable. There it goes wrong… coffee machines with good qualities that make great coffee often are too expensive for me. But I don’t want to give in on my  demands just to spend less money. Can you imagine how happy I was when I discovered this Bosch 120GB T12 Tassimo coffee brewer? It suits a smaller budget and it has all the features I want in my coffee machine. read more

Tassimo Joy

Coffee and Design Go Hand in Hand

The Bosch Tassimo Joy coffee machine is a real multi tasker and is convenient for all members of the family. It is based on the model that preceded and that was of course tested a x -million times in everyday use. The machine not only brews tasty coffee but also other hot drinks. read more

Bosch Tassimo T55 is Your Coffee Buddy

Feel good while preparing hot drinks with the Bosch Tassimo Charmy TAS5542GB aka Charmy. You simply put a T-disc into the machine, select the function you need and press the start button. Off you go! In a minute you will have an espresso, coffee or other hot drink. Charmy can handle over 35 varieties of drinks fast, so this machine is your family’s all-round hot drinks maker and buddy. read more

Tassimo is the new micro coffee ‘in town’

In any market on earth the urge to be better than your concurrent is always improving the product. You can always do better no matter what you produce or service. The single-cup brewer with capsules has been growing enormously over the last 20 years. It all began with Nespresso, then came Senseo, Illy’s E.S.E Espresso pods and the Keurig system, to name a few. read more