Tassimo T55 machine

Bosch Tassimo T55 is Your Coffee Buddy

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Feel good while preparing hot drinks with the Bosch Tassimo Charmy TAS5542GB aka Charmy. You simply put a T-disc into the machine, select the function you need and press the start button. Off you go! In a minute you will have an espresso, coffee or other hot drink. Charmy can handle over 35 varieties of drinks fast, so this machine is your family’s all-round hot drinks maker and buddy.

Manufacturer Bosch is skilled in making appliances that are utterly simple in using. The Bosch T55 is an excellent example of that. It gives you drinks of a professional quality. The one-touch start and stop button has an indicator that is well lit and with one press on a button you can switch between a long or a short drink.

T-disc technology gives you every possible choice a coffee shop has as well. Think of drinks like cappuccino, latte macchiato, Twinings tea, Cadbury hot chocolate and so on. And espresso of course. The barcode on the discs do the job: the Tassimo T55 reads the pod you put in and gives you a tasty perfect drink at all times.

Speaking of barcodes; the Tassimo system is the only brewer machine that uses the barcode technology. The Tassimo machines are operated completely with one-button. The Charmy has a 1.4 water holder and a Mavea filter reduces limescale and chlorine. When you need to refill a clear light will remind you. This is also the case when your drink is ready. When left alone after use it will switch off automatically. You like your coffee strong? Or rather a bit weaker? You can adjust the machine to your liking with the adjustment button. And Charmy also has a Brita Maxtra filter so the water for your drinks is fresh and pure.

The Charmy comes with a storage for 100 cm of cable so you can pick it up after use and easily store it in one of your cupboard if you so chose. That way you keep your kitchen counter free from an army of appliances.

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