The elegant and fast Tassimo Suny (T32)

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Beautiful design

You have a small living space? Don’t worry… The Tassimo Suny (Bosch TAS3202GB) loves tiny spaces, it’s designed that way. The machine is popular and don’t be surprised to find one in a toll booth as well.

The Suny has an adjustable cup stand, earlier models did not. So coffee drinkers can now put their favorite cup or mug in, from large to extra small. Bosch takes into account that there are many varieties and various demands and gives everyone what he wants. The machine itself is beautiful and nice to hold. It has an excellent finish so you know you have the best of the best.

The removable tank fills up to 0.8 litres. It is easily taken off the machine to refill. Lots of coffee machines don’t have that. The machine is glossy and elegant, is compact and
comes with colours like midnight black, twilight fog or silver. It gives any kitchen or room it stands in a classy look which is one of the pros of this machine.

Intelligent technology

Tassimo Suny comes with the Intellibrew Technology. The smart start button sets the preparation to go as soon as a cup pushes against the machine’s front. It of course uses the information in the barcode of every T-disc you put into the machine, thus knowing exactly how much water this particular drink needs, how much time to brew and at what temperature. The result – an awesome tasty drink. What’s more, the coffee lover can adjust the amount of water to his personal taste, despite the barcode. So every drink is totally customizable.


The Suny doesn’t use much electricity to begin with, it has an energy saving mode that switches the machine off after finishing the brewing of a drink.

Great coffees

The coffee drinks that are brewed with the Tassimo Suny are of great quality. One can choose the strength of the beverage and the drink keeps steaming hot. Feedback of users indicate the savour of the drinks and the hot temperature. And there is one outspoken good thing about the machine: it’s fast. No waiting for a kettle to boil, you put your disc in, put your cup on the stand and presto! Your coffee is ready! Fast and tasty, what else do you want?

Pimping up your kitchen

We already commented on the tininess of the machine, so no more excuses not to have one in your home or office. Besides, the Tassimo machine is stylish as well. It pimps up your kitchen, living room or office. It’s a perfect gift to someone who is starting a home. Easy to clean and no mess while brewing. Even sloppy persons can’t find an excuse no longer. Every once in a while you put in a cleaning disc for thorough cleaning and that’s it.


Although the T-disc contains all the information for making an excellent brew, the Tassimo Suny is also customizable to serve anybody’s need. The technology of Bosch Tassimo brewers guarantee a brew of high quality anyway. Anyone who wants more information on the Suny or another Tassimo machine can surf the internet and compare as many performances as they like. Tassimo has a heap of different discs to choose from catering to any taste imaginable.

The downside

There is a con with this Tassimo machine, albeit a tiny one. It makes more noise when it brews than other coffee makers. Some consumers find this slightly negative.

Another thing is the price of the T-discs. They come at $10 for 16 pieces, which makes the cost of a home-brewed coffee quite expensive. People who feel that way will also find the machine expensive.

In short

The Tassimo Suny is a small coffee brewer with lots of style. It looks great and has a removable water tank and a cup stand that can be altered in height. Thanks to the innovative technology it can brew you a hell of a coffee drink. It’s fast and easy to use and has an energy saver. The machine comes in midnight black, silver or twilight fog.

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