The New TASSIMO T47 Brewer for single cups review

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What present to buy for your/a man who virtually has everything he could think of? Purchase something for him he can give YOU a treat with!

Don’t even think of utensils for Mr. BBQ, nice comfy slippers or anything else that is SO traditional… this year the Father’s Day gift will be the Tassimo T47 brewer with patented technology. That’s how the dad of the household will be the super-duper coffee making hero. You can spoil him today, but the rest of the year he will be your own personal barista making you customised, high quality coffee drinks with just a push of a button. That’s what the Tassimo T47 brewing machine will do for you (and him).


My wife is coffee-crazy, I have no other word for it. Anything with coffee in it will do: iced coffee, frozen coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, mistos… man, I cannot keep up with her flavour of the day. In the weekend it is me going to a coffee shop to pick up a few nice ones. When I ask her what she wants this time she answers: “Surprise me.” When I return with her surprise I get the comment ”You thought I would want that?”. Pffttt…

Now the beautiful thing with the Tassimo is you do not have to guess no longer… The system within the machine reads the barcode on the T-disc and within a minute your personal custom-made coffee is ready. No mess, no settings, no lever or scalded nozzle for the steamy milk. You put in the patented T-disc, press the button and there you go! Within a minute you have your yummy coffee.

So I can brew a regular coffee for my wife, or a bit more complicated one (or so it seems) and I don’t have to dress to go out for it. And until customised coffee will be delivered at our doorstep – why does nobody do that? – this is it. It won’t get any better. So yeah… happy Father’s Day!

There are a number of different machines and models with Tassimo. I happen to like the T47 because of its look. Elegant and sleek. If an appliance is going to live on my kitchen counter it may as well look nice, don’t you think? Furthermore the T47 is simple to use thanks to the patented barcode system. This system reads the disc you put in and knows what coffee to make and how much water, heat, and brewing time it needs for that. Have you ever… Other coffee makers follow the same procedure for any coffee you’d like to make, the Tassimo barcode system makes just the right coffee every time you brew one.

The Tassimo T-discs have numerous varieties of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, with several brands jumping in to supply you with the best products they have. So when you ask your man to brew you a coffee, he will no longer make protesting sounds and sighs. He will head to the kitchen, or to the place your machine is situated and makes you the best coffee ever. Your man, or Dad, is now a super barista, with just one push on the button. Get him a machine and make your life super-delicious!

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