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Tassimo Joy

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Coffee and Design Go Hand in Hand

The Bosch Tassimo Joy coffee machine is a real multi tasker and is convenient for all members of the family. It is based on the model that preceded and that was of course tested a x -million times in everyday use. The machine not only brews tasty coffee but also other hot drinks.

Innovation: Simple and Convenient

The machine may look small (and compact!) but it has a number of features users will love. Like a cup stand that can be adjusted in height and has a drip tray. Simplicity was the name of the game during the design process and that also went for filling the water tank. The tank has a practical carrying handle and is covered with a dust cover which is very easy to handle.

Design: Intuition makes easy

The design of this machine clearly indicates the various functions like the cup stand, the control area and the brewing unit. The control area also features a status indicator and a big button to start or stop the machine. All the control features are placed for intuitive usage so you are well aware it’s a Tassimo you are using. The rounded exterior makes the machine look modern. JOY is really a joy to have and use and shows the way for the design of future Tassimo coffee makers.

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