Tassimo Vivy T12 review

Tassimo T12 “Vivy” small but great!

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When I want to purchase a coffee brewer for single cups I often face a problem: I want a machine that can last for years, has top quality elements for making coffee and is affordable. There it goes wrong… coffee machines with good qualities that make great coffee often are too expensive for me. But I don’t want to give in on my  demands just to spend less money. Can you imagine how happy I was when I discovered this Bosch 120GB T12 Tassimo coffee brewer? It suits a smaller budget and it has all the features I want in my coffee machine.

My small kitchen suits me fine

The 120GB T12 Tassimo – Vivy – has a small and compact design. This is easy for me, it fits in a small space or a tiny cupboard. No crowded kitchen counter, it doesn’t need much space at all. And storing in a cupboard if I so desire is no problem either. It may be small compared to other coffee machines, it has everything I want in a machine including this specific aspect that it makes 35 different drinks from tea to latte and hot chocolate as well. Since my kids don’t drink coffee the chocolate feature comes in extremely handy.

I am awed at the idea that for this price we can indulge in any hot drink we desire, matching the mood we are in at the particular moment. Its removable 0.7 L tank can be cleaned easily and provides water for 3 to 4 drinks. The high tech feature of the barcode scanner is amazing. After scanning the barcode the machine knows exactly what drink you want. And it changes the amount of water needed for that specific drink automatically. What’s more, it also adapts the temperature of the water and the time it takes to brew the drink! It only heats the water I need for that one drink, so I save energy thanks to the efficient flow system.

Vivy goed beyond my expectation

There is one thing though I don’t like about this coffee brewer: the manual. Why is that? It does not provide written instructions, you have to make do with pictures. Some explanations with the pics would be very helpful. But as a whole I find the Vivy an amazing product and I can really advise you to try it out. It will for sure go beyond your expectations.

Purchasing the Vivy coffee machine is the best thing I did regarding machines and appliances. It works great and is affordable. If you feel like buying one as well I suggest you buy the discs that are needed for the coffee brewer directly from the website since you then pay less for them. And another advise… look at the manual first and follow the drawn instructions so you are sure your machine will work they way it should.

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