Tassimo T47 Brewer Review and Holiday Giveaway

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Ahhh… the smell of freshly brewed coffee at home or at work. Nothing can cheer you up more or boost your energy than a tasty cup of coffee does. During this holiday season I hang on to my Tassimo T47 to face the pressure of the days and to keep a happy holiday-mood.

The stylish T47 is the newest one on the market of the innovative manufacturer Bosch. This brewing machine is perfect for get togethers with family and/or friends and you can make this an awesome present for coffee lovers.

The Tassimo T47 serves single cups of freshly brewed coffee and comes with lots of features:

  • Your cafe/bistro experience at home which brings back fond memories of Europe just by hearing the machine and smelling the aroma
  • it is the one and only home brewer with the patented barcode which makes a perfect cup of coffee possible thanks to the fact the machine knows exactly what to do in regards to water needed, temperature and brewing time (one minute tops).
  • The T47 has a large water tank which you can remove to fill, a drip tray of stainless steel and an easy brew chamber; even children know how to use the machine.
  • It features one button to operate and has a LED user interface.
    -The user interface is very simple and a light indicates when your drink is ready to savour.
  • The cup stand is removable and you can adjust it to the height of your cup or mug. The machine cleans and descales itself automatically and has a noise reduction.
  • You can make your drink bigger or smaller, just the way you like it.

The Tassimo T47 offers you the largest range of brand drinks to serve everybody’s particular taste. Oh my, I was really happy to see the Cadbury option; all the kids and myself love hot chocolate… I do have some tea lovers who only drink Tetley teas and a few family members who stick to Tim Hortons coffee as if it is the last thing they will do. Isn’t it great to have all these options then, to cater to everybody’s personal wish at that moment? I cannot count the times I made a full pot of coffee and had to throw away half of it… What a waste! The individual discs are quick, full of flavour, easy to make and they don’t leave a lot of waste.

The Tassimo T47 is easy to use and to keep in good order. You fill the tank with water, turn on the power, adjust the position of the cup stand if necessary, put in your favorite disc and press the button. You are one minute away from your tasty cup of coffee. Of course you can pimp or spike your coffee following one of Tassimo’s recipes at their website. Anyone for mocktails?

During the holiday season you get together with family and friends and share some fun and precious moments. You will certainly add to the cheer with some specialty coffees brewed in your own home machine T47. I went shopping for all the specialties I know my guests love. This year’s holidays are going to be cozy and yummy. Are you looking for a perfect gift? Check out the #TassimoNiceList gift, surf to their website and browse through all the awesome possibilities. The T47 I described comes for $199 and can be purchased at all the major retail shops.

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