Tassimo T40 review

Tassimo T40 is our new best friend

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My boyfriend and I always wanted a coffee brewer but one way or the other we never got to purchasing one. Imagine my joy when I got the chance to write a review about the Tassimo T40 coffee machine! The T40 has a modern and fresh design yet the machine takes little space and is easy to use as well. So far so good!

I am totally green when it comes to coffee machines, so how hard would it be for me to get the thing starting and using it for hot drinks every day? Well, it turned out it was just a case of connecting the machine into the socket in the wall, using the cleaning disc a couple of times to wash away any manufacturer “dust” and that was that. The T40 was ready to use.

The Tassimo is dummy proof – a child can get you a drink. To do so all you need is putting a T-disc into the machine – at the top – and push the start button. The Tassimo reads the barcode on the disc you put in and knows exactly what to do. How hard can it be? And a very good thing is the machine is ready to use in a few seconds. No more putting the kettle on and waiting for the water to boil, then make your drink. A hot, tasty drink is now ready within a minute and you don’t have to think about how. The cup stand height can be adjusted, so no matter what you want to drink – espresso, a big cup of tea, a latte or a cappuccino – all of those cups fit.

I am not into coffee or tea much myself, my boyfriend savours the espressos for a boost of energy. I ordered the Carte Noir Caramel Latte Macchiato and the Hot Chocolate by Suchard. These drinks just sound yummy and they have great reviews as well. And I just might try the cappuccino discs that are now on offer…

The Tassimo T40 is a great expansion of our kitchen appliances. The kettle has been sent packing and we enjoy the Tassimo drinks daily ever since it arrived at our place. If you love hot drinks and you love style and simple, Tassimo T40 is for you!

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