UK Coffee Week

UK Coffee Week is Coming

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Tasty Coffee, Giving Back

What is UK Coffee Week?

Annually there is the UK Coffee Week, a fundraising campaign all over the country in thousands of coffee shops and restaurants. Of all the donations that are generated during the UK Coffee Week 100% goes to “Project Waterfall”, a project that is focused on getting coffee growing communities clean water facilities. Coffee is one of the big and powerful industries in the world. Globally we consume over 500 billion cups of coffee per year, so here lies a great opportunity to really make a difference. We are convinced the coffee industry and the consumers can really make a positive impact on the coffee growing communities. Giving back to those who work so hard for our coffee.

Why Water?

Say ‘coffee’ and you think of water, since there is no perfect cup of coffee without water. Did you know there is 140 liter water necessary to produce one single cup of coffee? So there you are, coffee and water are like siamese twins.
Water is built-in in the lives of the farmers and their families who grow our coffee beans. It is estimated 553 million people worldwide don’t have safe and clean water in their daily lives.
Safe drinking water can break the poverty chain. It does not only improve the health and wellbeing of complete communities who are now possible victims of the global water crisis. Ultimately safe water is also the gateway to education, income and a better life.

Ask Our Supporters

But do not only listen to us! Ask our supporters so far what they think of taking part in UK Coffee Week and how you can participate and raise funds in your store, restaurant or coffee shop.

Get Involved

It is very easy to take part in UK Coffee Week. You can donate 5p from every cup of coffee you sell during that week, or hold a creative workshop in your store and everything inbetween. The possibilities for raising funds are numerous and without limits! Sign up your coffee shop, store, school, pub, restaurant or snackbar to participate in UK Coffee Week 2017. The coffee farmers will thank you for it.

Or join the International Coffee Day on October 1st.

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