The Tassimo Machines in a row (T12, T32, T55, T40)

Many, many people need to start the day with a shot of fresh, tasty coffee in order to function properly. Since we have no time for anything anymore these days coffee adepts want their coffee fast – while keeping the good taste.

Nowadays there are many coffee machines that brew your favorite coffee as soon as you feel a need for it. They all deliver well but right now there is a single-serve machine that stands out most. It is the Tassimo machine, made by Bosch

The Tassimo has a few models, to cater to any personal need. Let’s take a look at them: read more

Pod coffee makers for your individual cup

A good cup of coffee is one thing, the fuss of making it another. If you do not look forward to grinding the beans while boiling the kettle and spoon out just enough coffee to your taste you could think of getting a pod-coffee maker. Even the clumsiest people can make a good coffee with these machines because all you need is water, a disposable pod and presto! – you have a good cup of coffee as we speak. They do cost quite some money though but if you are used to drink your coffee from a local coffee shop they pay for themselves in no time. How exactly do these machines work? read more

Making best use of your Tassimo Coffee Maker

Tassimo coffee maker brews single–serving coffees making use of single pucks. The ingredients to produce coffee or hot beverage are contain in these small pucks. It is very easy to use coffee maker, even though there are different ways to make specific blends or recipes.
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Best Ways to descale a Bosch coffee machine

Do you notice a red descaling light on, on circa 2009 Bosch Tassimo coffee machine? Do you realize that the red light won’t turn off, regardless that you followed the instruction in the manual on how to descale.

The truth of the matter is that the manual is wrong. How it was written couldn’t be imagined, the plain truth is that it is completely wrong. read more

How To Select The Best Tassimo Coffee Machine

Are you interested in buying a new coffee machine? Have you heard about how fabulous the Tassimo machine is?

Tassimo machines are known for making so much more than a simple cup of coffee. Tassimo offers over 35 different pods with different flavoured coffees, hot chocolate and a variety of teas. Only you can decide if Tassimo will meet your needs. And it so, how do you know which model to buy? read more

Will I like the Tassimo Coffee Maker?

There is a feature of the Tassimo brewer that we are just very fond of: the t-disc. With the t-disc Tassimo does away with k-cups, pads, pods and capsules for good. For us, coffee crazed people, this is kind of odd… claiming to be coffee gourmets, yet being attracted by the t-disc and therefore by the Tassimo coffee maker. It’s the way the t-disc works; each t-disc has a bar code and when you put the disc into the machine the Tassimo maker scans the code and knows what to do. No questions asked… What a wonderful way of making coffee for those who don’t like to fuss! read more